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Top of the line bike shop in a busy town for sale. The owners have protected territorial rights with different bicycle manufactures. Bikes, bike parts and accessories for all ages and skills are available for sale at this store,

Bike Shop and Building

Southern Lower,  MI

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Well known for its fresh cut meat, sliced to customers’ orders, are its largest sales. General groceries are the second, with beer and wine sales following.  A SDM (beer/wine) license is included in the price.

Building & Grocery Store with Beer/Wine License

Southern Wayne County,  MI

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Bicycle Accessories, new bicycles and many miscellaneous items will be auctioned online June 8th, 2015.

Bicycle Inventory for Sale

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Redford,  MI

This business is in the printing industry, delivering both products and excellent service! This is a perfect opportunity for either a current or new business owner.

Green & Growing Retailer

Southeastern Lower MI

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This Health food and Vitamin shop is well established with significant inventory. Location is good relative to community residents, traffic and other businesses.

Vitamin & Organic Food Shop

Oakland County,  MI

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This business can be thought of a as a master recycling business. It sells items on consignment for individuals and businesses, and also does fundraising for non-profits. This business has an outstanding reputation with its clients.

E-Commerce Resale Shop

Southern Lower, MI

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